The Rhythm of Everything!

What is The Percussion Garden?
It is the ocean of interweaving rhythm within which we all live our lives. Our musical instruments are the tools with which we till its soil!

The Percussion Garden Company  celebrates this vibration, this rhythm, this garden of rhythm that is, life!

Percussion Garden PercussionistHow does rhythm touch our lives? It is amazing that we hear people say “ I have no sense of rhythm, I don’t have a rhythmic bone in my body”

How can this be so? Given, that we all live in an ocean of bubbling, pulsating rhythm, and that we, in every aspect of our beings are nothing more or less, than a part of that amazing rhythm that we call life.

Consider this, as we travel through our days, our hearts beat out a constant pulse, we breathe, our eyes are continuously blinking, this is sub-conscious rhythmic activity. On the conscious level we walk, we talk, we run, we brush our hair, our teeth, we chew, we swallow, we wake, we sleep, we laugh, we grieve, we dance, we sing, it is all rhythm, pure and simple.

Living in the wider world we also move with and respond to rhythm. We change our activities in response to the seasons. We dance to the rhythm of the mountain when we ski in winter and we flow with the rhythm of the water when we surf in summer. We plant, we harvest. Rhythm is there in the wind on our faces, the swaying of the trees, the waves upon the shore, thunder, rain, the movement of sand-dunes, Ice sheets, the Planets above us and so on and on. In fact everything that we do and interact with has rhythm.

If we move down to the level of atomic structure what do we find? We discover that our atoms consist of electrons dancing in space around their respective nuclei. The chair you are sitting on and the bed in which you sleep are, at that level, millions upon billions of moving, grooving, shaking and shimmying, dance crazy particles, and that’s just the furniture?

We are rhythm! Our universe, our entire lives are rhythm. There is nothing else but, rhythm. It is everything!

It is life!  “In the beginning the Word”! A word, a sound, a vibration! This “Word” of creation, our science tells us, has a frequency from the sub-atomic, where the pulse beats at millions, billions of pulses per second, to the galaxial time frame where the pulses can be millions, billions of years apart.  Everything that is, was, and ever will be, is subject to, and is of itself, a manifestation of countless myriads of rhythms moving in a never-ending creative dance of rhythmic harmony.

What a Wonder! How Marvelous!

The Percussion Garden is a celebration of this vibration, this rhythm, this garden of rhythm in which we all live.

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